About Us

ECID TRADING INC. is welcoming visitors to our online store. we have been working hard to launch our store to facilitate on our customers entire the middle east and African territories to order with more confidence and securely.
Always Genuine OEM
Safe – Reliable – Efficient - Real.
Stock Availability
Available stock all  time
Breakthrough Innovations
Overachieving is our status quo. You can count on us to deliver not just Lubricant , but the next big breakthrough. If you like what's now, we can't wait to show you what's next.
Exceptional Customer Experience
"Thank you for choosing ECID Trading Inc."
That's what we say to our customers, We build meaningful relationships through every positive interaction, every single day.
Fast delivery 
Makes it easier than ever for customers to get their parts and lubricants when they need them
Our Mission
To capitalize on our years of training to service the industry as Lubrication Specialists, providing the best price / performance ratio to provide the business expertise as a result of years of experience.
Great work can only come from great partnerships
we are so proud to have such partnership for 12 years with one of the pioneers in advanced lubricant manufacturing in the USA
Lubriplate Lubricants company -  www.lubriplate.com