LUBRIPLATE SFL-1 NLGI #1, Aluminum Complex grease



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NLGI #1, Aluminum Complex, Synthetic Grease

Available Sizes

35 lb pail
¼ Drum
CTN 40/grease gun cartridges

Product Highlights


  • NSF H1 Registered    
  • Excellent low-temperature  pumpability    
  • Wide operating temp range
Now with LUBRI-ARMOUR, LUBRIPLATE’s anti-microbial additive developed to prevent the decomposition of lubricants caused by microorganisms. LUBRIPLATE SFL greases treated with LUBRI-ARMOUR remain fresh and last longer in harsh food processing plant environments. The LUBRIPLATE SFL Series was developed to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on food-processing equipment today. The synthetic base fluid and the aluminum complex soap thickener allows for a wide operating temperature range for all four NLGI consistencies. LUBRIPLATE SFL-1 has an approximate operating temperature range of -60 to 300°F making it ideal for a freezer and other cold temperature applications where conventional food-grade greases cannot be used. In addition to its exceptional low-temperature pumpability, its high shear stability, excellent water resistance, and outstanding load-carrying properties make LUBRIPLATE SFL-1 the only choice for extreme low-temperature applications requiring a product that meets former USDA 1998 Guidelines and are NSF International H-1 Registered. Available in 14½ oz. Cartridges.