LUBRIPLATE FGL-1 NLGI #1, Aluminum Complex grease



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NLGI #1, Aluminum Complex grease

Available Sizes

35 lb pail
¼ Drum
CTN 12/16 oz tubs
CTN 4/6 lb plastic tubs
CTN 12/11 oz sprays
CTN 40/grease gun cartridges
Product Highlights


  • NSF H1 Registered    
  • Excellent resistance to water washout    
  • Contains anti-microbial

Fluid Type: mineral

ISO Viscosity Grade of Base Oil: 100

NLGI Grade: 1

Thickener: Aluminum Complex

Food Grade - NSF H1: Yes

Color: White

"Now with LUBRI-ARMOUR, LUBRIPLATE’s anti-microbial additive which prevents the decomposition of lubricants caused by microorganisms. LUBRIPLATE FGL greases are treated with LUBRI-ARMOUR to remain fresh and last longer in harsh food processing environments. LUBRIPLATE FGL Greases have been formulated to meet the increased demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The trend towards NSF International H-1 Registered* products to replace H-2 products has meant a great deal of research and testing to improve the capabilities of lubricants with incidental food contact. LUBRIPLATE FGL greases are the result of these new demands. FGL-l for many plants, this NLGI 1 grade grease may be the most widely used lubricant due to its multi-functional capabilities. This includes low and high speeds, low and high temperatures and a wide range of loads. Available in convenient 14½ oz. cartridges and 11 oz. aerosol cans."